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All the wonderful colors of Fall

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Here we are! We're officially entering autumn season and all the warm colours, dead leaves, pumpkins and hot chocolate that go with it. It is without any doubt my favourite time of the year, because it's the beginning of the cold season and also implies Christmas preparations (yes, it's going to happen... but not right away).

Orange, brown, golden yellow but also deep purple, plum and old pink: what are your favourite colours at this time of the year?

Here in Paris, le Jardin des Plantes sees its paths covered with leaves of all colours, the chestnuts are picked up by all the children who run there, and the sun does not show its nose until 8 o'clock in the morning now.

Now is the time to pick up your knitting needles (if you haven't already) and knit what you need to keep warm for the cold days ahead. Take the time to relax, sit in your favorite armchair and knit one jumper, scarf or hat for yourself, a piece of clothing that you will keep and cherish for several years.

Knitting socks, jumpers or a beanie to keep warm this winter, or cushion covers, cautumn wreaths or pumpkins to make our home more comfortable, autumn is the occasion to sit in our armchair and enjoy the rainy days while drinking a good hot chocolate!

And you, what do you always do in autumn? Tell me about your best memories of walks in the forest or your pumpkin soup recipes!

A beautiful autumn for all of you!

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