The story of Louize & Soyeuse

Once upon a time there was a perfect sweater pattern meeting a wool that shines and keeps you warm. This is the story of a pattern that I liked so much that I knitted it twice in six months. It had never happened to me before.

This sweater is the Louize pattern by Bérengère Cailliau. I had spotted it on Instagram, a nice sweater, a little loose that can be worn in all situations. A simple but effective lace stitch and balloon sleeves, in short, it became number 1 on the long list of sweaters I wanted to knit in less than 5 seconds.

And because it's 2020, and we were all at home, I thought that for once I could knit something for myself. And doing something for yourself during lockdown was probably the best decision I could make.

I had the pattern, all I was missing was the wool. The Louize sweater pattern recommended Fonty's Cyclade yarn but I had decided to use only yarns I had in stock in my cupboard, one of my New year resolutions!

And that's how I came across 8 balls of Fonty's Soyeuse yarn, in color 115, a nice plum, a little dark but not too much.

Soyeuse is a yarn made of 70% merino wool and 30% silk. The merino wool brings softness to the touch and warmth to the sweater while the silk adds a shiny aspect that makes this yarn a timeless classic that comforts us and warms us on rainy days.

And so I started to knit my sweater quietly. Quietly but quite quickly! In the end, the pattern is knitted quite easily, and the lace stitch is very pleasant to knit. I really enjoy knitting sweaters from top to bottom, as I always feel like knit

ting a mandala until the sleeves separate and then the body knits itself fluidly. I also always wanted to have balloon sleeves for two reasons: avoiding to decrease the sleeves progressively, and final rendering of the sleeves, especially the sudden decreasing at the wrist. With all this, the sweater was finished in less than a month!

And then he slept on my couch until August. I had to weave in the ends - I hate this part - and it was 40 degrees outside and beautiful sunshine since March, so there was no reason to rush...

I finally managed to finish it in August, just before leaving for summer vacation! And while talking about it with a friend (who will recognize herself), she wanted the same sweater, with the same wool but in a different color, a rather soft pink. So for once, I took the order and I knitted her the same sweater!

And that's how the two Louize sweaters knitted in Soyeuse are living their best life, one in Montreuil in a big house, and the other one in Paris, not far from the Notre-Dame cathedral.

The End.

[proudly wearing my finished sweater]

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